Nutrawise Gallery

Expanding the definition of health and beauty through an unmatched manufacturing facility and superior production processes.

Located in Tustin, California, the Nutrawise headquarters is setting the benchmark in the industry for production facilities. The headquarters exemplifies “living well.” 

  • Our manufacturing facility was built to exceed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. The standards are set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requiring manufacturers, processors and packagers to take proactive steps to ensure their products are safe, pure and effective. 
  • Unique to the nutraceutical industry, the manufacturing facility possesses:
    • Within the production wing, each tableting and powder room has an adjacent cleanroom, providing a sterile environment to protect the supplements from outside contaminants. 
    • An air pocket or “plitham” is installed in the roof to allow the circulating, interior air to be purified and avoid potential product impurities.
    • Every room is climate controlled with separate cooling units, including the use of HEPA filters. 
    • Room temperature is monitored and maintained at 68 degrees.